Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's the flamingo all about?

The flamingo has been my "mascot" for the Quilt Party since the beginning.
Why?  It's not that I always loved flamingos.  It came about because a group of us went to the North Carolina Symposium.  In the instructions we were told that the evening program was a slide show/lecture called "Flamingo Road".  We were instructed to bring or wear a flamingo.  Well of course being the rule follower, I jumped right in.  I insisted the rest of the group do the same.  So we all got our "outfits" together and headed to symposium.  The night of the lecture we all walk into the auditorium expecting to see all these flamingos---- only a very few had brought something flamingo.  One of the group was very shy and I had assured her "Everybody will be dressed up.  Nobody will notice."  Of course the only seats available were right down front.  As we made our way down you could hear the laughter as we passed each row.  My shy friend was ready to kill me.  Then to top it off she and I both won a ribbon from the show and had to go on stage when our names were called.  So the flamingo became a symbol of fun, embarrassment, and true friendship --- for not killing me.  We are all still friends!

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